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Gain Recognition From Your Market As An Expert

Authority Building

Get More New Customers

It’s not hard to get new customers every week if you’re the #1 business in town.

We help small businesses become the #1 go-to destination in their area through our proven expert authority building process. We use a combination of marketing, public relations and growth programs – to create and distribute authority-building content that expands your presence and conveys your practice as a go-to destination.

Establish Premium Expert Authority

Having a marketing system that gets you leads is great… but true growth in your small business comes from being positioned as a premium expert in your marketplace.

Because when you’re positioned in your market as a premium expert: Your product and service recommendations are 10x more likely to be accepted (so you make more sales). Your customers will be more willing to refer friends. And your marketing will be more effective because you’ll be truly differentiated from your competitors.

Gain Recognition

Authority compounds. When you’re the #1 in your market, you’ll start getting more recognition… more publicity opportunities and more status in your market.

Get Celebrity Status

When you have celebrity status, something magical happens…

Your customers are willing to pay more for your services, and they trust you BEFORE they ever walk into your store/website. At GedditMedia, we help small businesses get celebrity status through our Expert Authority Building processes.

We’re Helping You Get To The TOP Of Your Industry… WITHOUT Sacrificing Everything You Love To Get There…

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